Welcome to the Most Valuable Franchisee Performer Awards 2024 Presented by the Multi-Unit Franchising Conference & The Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine.

Celebrating its 23rd anniversary, the Multi-Unit Franchising Conference is the only industry event focused solely on topics of importance to multi-unit, multi-brand franchisees today. It is the premier event for franchisees providing rich content, great networking and opportunities to find new brands in the enlarged exhibit area. 

The Multi-Unit Franchisee magazine is the only publication dedicated exclusively to the hottest topic in franchising - Multi-Unit and Multi-Brand Franchisees.

Multi-Unit Franchisee magazine delivers vital information and business solutions to help multi-unit franchisees make informed decisions to strengthen franchise systems, grow their brands, and achieve their business objectives.

Entries for nominations are now OPEN. Deadline for entries is January 3, 2024

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